January 21, 2018


Ever since I was little I knew I wanted to be an artist when I grew up. I never dreamed it would include playing with fire and working in the healing arts.

I started practicing Yoga 13 years ago. It helped me find a sense of self when I was lost and anxious. It gave me a nurturing community. And so I kept following what helped in my healing and my ability to show up more for the people around me.

I did workshops and teacher trainings in Winnipeg. Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy in Vermont, and Yoga festivals in Oregon and California. I joined a Bhakti Yantra tour in India and continued to travel around to temples, practicing yoga on rooftops, in forests and on beaches. I studied holistic midwifery in North Carolina.

Around the time I was introduce to Yoga I found the circus arts. I started hula hooping and getting involved with the fire and prop manipulation community. I started doing aerials, and then a contortionist started teaching classes so I would go to that too. Because fun, challenge, and play.

I don’t really know how the clown burlesque thing started, but it seems like a natural progression. I started a troupe called the Fragglebits with my friend Funbags. We got a lot of weird and a lot of smiles going. I started doing solos and teaching clown burlesque bootycamps when my clowns left town.

Now I’m a student of Traditional Chinese Medicine and continuing to focus on supporting women’s health in radical ways. I especially love to bring a hula hoop down to the water.

Fire Dancing